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Astoundingly famous as the revered Buddhist shrine, Sarnath is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh in the Varanasi District. The place is widely known for being one of the four major Buddhist pilgrimage destinations. As per the Legend, this was the place where Gautama Buddha imparted training on Dharma to his disciples for the first time and thus marked the start of the Buddhist Sangha.

Sarnath Travel guide is incomplete without a mention of its rich cultural and spiritual legacy. Sarnath, officially known as Isipathana is amongst one of the four holiest places for the followers of Buddhism. The name of this place was a derivative of Saranganatha, meaning “God of Deer”. The tourists throng the place in large numbers every year in pursuit of serenity. A historical village which is located nearby Sarnath named as Singhpur was considered as the birthplace of the eleventh Tirthankara of Jainism, Shreyansanath. A temple at this place is dedicated to him and is another important pilgrimage location. The history of Sarnath dates back to 528 B.C when Lord Buddha came to this place after 5 weeks of accomplishing salvation in Bodhgaya.


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