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For many, Recreation and Sports activities provide friendships, purpose, and meaning. Recreational Tourism also provides significant economic, social and health benefits information to the visitors. Recreation and sports are essential contributors to the economy and they add to the prosperity of India by attracting visitors through sport tourism and hosted regional, provincial, national and international events. Participation in sports builds leadership skills, facilitates social inclusion and develops a sense of belonging, teamwork, and community spirit. The Charter for Recreation and Parks in India that “Everyone has the right to quality, accessible and inclusive recreation and parks services in their communities – services that are essential for the health of Ontarians, the quality of life in our communities and the sustainability of our environment”. Engagement in formal and informal indoor and outdoor sports and recreation makes India a healthier, more active place to live.

Among the Woodland Indian, games were played not merely for recreation but also for significant religious reasons-to honor the spirits and to cure the sick. There were both games of dexterity and games of chance and betting was also customary. In addition there were games for children. Later, modern cards and card games were adopted from Whites. Games were played by men, by women, and by the children, but only rarely did the two sexes, as adults, play together.


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